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It is highly recommended that you read the instructions below to make the Form 720 fit your personal situation.

Note: "La demo version only generates a complete Form 720, but with incomplete information such as:

  • The amounts have the decimal part not filled in as ",00".
  • Name of the security partially covered with 'XXXXX'.
  • Incorrect ISINs, not visible when importing into the tax authorities.
What is the difference between the 'Premium' and 'Golden' version?
  • Premium: This is the automation to fill in the 720 form automatically. The filing is done by the client himself following the instructions.
  • Golden: The same as the Premium version, but the client does not have to do anything else. Our partner, the consultancy firm "La nube Fiscal", reviews the Form 720, files it directly with the tax authorities and sends you proof of filing.

More details and list of fares: here.

Purpose of Auto-720

The purpose of Auto-720 is to generate your tax form 720. There are currently two ways to do this:

  • a) Excel template
  • b) Extracts of foreign brokers' portfolios:
    • DeGiro
    • IBKR
    • eToro
    • Revolut
    • XTB
    • Trading 212
    • ActivoTrade
    • GPM broker
    • Charles Schwab
This is not the first time I have filed the Form 720, how would it work in this case?

If this is not the first time you file Form 720, you must include the statement for the last year filed together with the statement for the current year.

If, for example, the last time it was filed was in the financial year 2020, the statement for the year 2020 and the statement for the year 2022 as at 31 December must be provided in both cases.

The instructions together with all the details here.

How to fill in the Excel template for all assets abroad?

The Excel template allows you to fill in all categories of assets abroad. This template is useful if you you have brokers not supported by Autodeclaro or you want to fill in the form 720 with assets that are different from shares. (real estate, insurance, current accounts, etc.)

  • Type C asset: Accounts opened with institutions engaged in banking or credit business and located abroad.
  • Type V asset: Securities or rights representing participation in any type of legal entity.
  • Type I asset: Shares and units in Collective Investment Schemes located abroad.
  • S-type well: Life or disability insurance and temporary or life annuities, the insurers of which are located abroad.
  • Good type B: Ownership and rights in rem over real estate located abroad.

For more information, please visit How to fill in an excel template.

How do I get the extrato from foreign brokers?

You can see how to download your portfolio for DeGiro, IBKR, Revolut, XTB, eToro, Charles Schwab and Trading 212 among others.  here.

Can I generate the Modelo 720 for portfolios of several brokers?

Yes, to do so, compress in .ZIP format the files of the brokers for which you want to obtain the completed Form 720.

Can I change the default values that are made during the automation of the Model 720 (number of holders and Country of the broker)?

Yes, you can change the NUMBER OF OWNERS and COUNTRY CODE (in the "Declarant details" section) of the Form 720 when you fill it in with Autodeclaro:

To do so, add this information to the .CSV filename and then compress the file(s) into a .ZIP file.

  • [NUM_HOLDERS]_[COUNTRY]_rest filename.CSV

Examples of valid filenames:

  • 1 Italian headline and broker: "1_IT_myPortfolio.csv".
  • 2 headlines and French broker: "2_FR_myPortfolio.csv".
  • 3 holders (default broker country. See previous question): "3_myPortfolio.csv".

Then compress the file(s) into a .ZIP file. This ZIP file can have any name.

What happens if the security/share has changed ISIN since the last filing of the Form 720?

E.g. Let's say a security had the ISIN: EN222 in 2021 and changes to EN999 during the year 2022.

If this value/share was not declared in the last Model 720 (from 2021), nothing happens. It is declared as type of origin of the asset A (First filing).

However, you declared in the last Modelo 720 (from 2021) the ISIN: ES222 and you keep the value with the new ISIN ES999 that you have to declare in a new Modelo 720, Autodeclaro will do the following:

  • Registration of type of origin of asset C: for ES222. In other words, the ownership of that asset is extinguished for ISIN ES222.
  • Source type record of asset A: for ES999. That is, this asset is declared for the first time for ISIN ES999.
What about securities such as options, futures, CFDs and forex?

Autodeclaro filters out non-tradable securities such as options, futures, CFDs and currencies as they are not declared in the Form 720. Therefore, even if they appear in the statement provided by your broker, you will not have to delete them.

I use leverage/borrowed money from my broker, what should I do?

It is a loan, and as such is not declared in the 720 model. The shares held in your broker are declared as such, whether or not there is leverage.

When is the CSV, Excel or ZIP file attached to generate the Model 720?

Before finalising the purchase you will have the possibility to attach the excel file or also with the share portfolio in order to generate your Modelo 720.
Once the process is complete, you will receive your completed Model 720 in BOM 720 format, ready for you to be imported into the state tax agency's or provincial/county's tax office's income tax web programme.

What exchange rate is used for positions where the currency is not the EURO?

The exchange rates used are those of the ECB (European Central Bank) at the date of 30 December 2022(last working day and with published exchange rates).

They are the same as those published in the BOE  as of 31 December 2022.

Note RUB (Russia) and CNH (China): ECB and BOE fix exchange rate EUR/RUB and EUR/CNH.

  • For the RUB, the ECB does not fix it from 1 March 2022 and the CNH does not publish it.
  • For this reason, we have decided to fix the EUR/RUB exchange rate marked by XE.COM e providing the same exchange rate for 30 December 2022 (last working day and with published field rates)
  • In the case of EUR/RUB marked by and

Note DeGiro: Although DeGiro provides the position statement in Euros, it is not using the ECB exchange rate, so the values in Euros may be different between those indicated by DeGiro and those that Autodeclaro calculates and fills in the Form 720.

Which values are indicated by default (% participation, origin of the asset or right, country code...) in the Model 720 during automation?


    • By default, a single holder is indicated, i.e. a 100% holding is reflected in the Form 720. In this case each extract corresponds to a single holder.
    • It can be changed as indicated in the following question.


    • By default always A shall be indicated A (Asset or right being declared for the first time or incorporated in the declaration exercise).
    • It shall indicate M (Asset or right that has already been declared in a previous financial year)
    • It shall indicate C (Property or right that is declared because the title or any other form of real ownership over it is extinguished).

In order to be able to indicate M or C values, the extract of the last financial year of the Form 720 filed must be included, more details here.

COUNTRY CODE (In section "Data of the declarant"):

The country of the broker will be indicated. By default the following country correlation is assigned for each broker. But it could be changed as indicated in the next question.

    • DeGiro : NL (The Netherlands)
    • IBKR : IE (Ireland)
    • Revolut : GB (Great Britain)
    • XTB: The country indicated in the extract
    • eToro: CY (Cyprus)
    • Trading 212: CY (Cyprus)
    • Admiral Markets: CY (Cyprus), UK (United Kingdom), AU (Australia), depending on extract
    • Trade Republic: DE (Germany)
    • Interactive Investors: UK (United Kingdom)
    • eTrade: US (United States)
    • Charles Schwab: US (United States)

COUNTRY CODE (Under "Address of the entity or location of the property):

    • The one corresponding to the first two characters of the ISIN.
      • E.g. For an ISIN of type US9220428588. The country will be US.
    • Note: This value should be reviewed as it could be the case that the company is headquartered in a different country than the one indicated in the ISIN.

ADDRESS (Other fields)


    • For brokers' statements, only goods shall apply:
      • Type V (Securities or rights representing participation in any type of legal entity) and
      • Type I (Shares and units in Collective Investment Schemes located abroad)
    • They also apply to brokers the type C (Accounts opened in entities engaged in banking and credit transactions and located abroad) and must indicate in the web income programme the money deposited in cash with brokers abroad. If you were in an Investment Fund, the following would apply Type I. Note: There are no bank account details in the broker's statement..
SUBCLAVE TYPE OF PROPERTY OR RIGHT (Disabled for I, only indicated for V)
      • 1- Securities or rights representing participation in any type of legal entity.
      • 2- Securities representing the transfer of own capital to third parties.
      • 3- Securities contributed for management or administration to any legal arrangement, including trusts and trusteeships or bodies of property which, although lacking legal personality, may act in the course of trade.
Default values for asset type V and I, together with its subkey if V.
      • Actions: Type V subkey -> 1
      • ETFs: Type I. (Sub-key not applicable)
      • Bonds, ETCs and ETNs: Type V subkey -> 2
Does the result of the total of the Modelo 720 with the tax authorities not match the total of my portfolio?

This occurs when we are declaring extinguished or sold records (origin of type C asset).

The sum of the total of model 720 adds up all the records of type A (new incorporation), M (asset already declared) and C (extinguished / sold), so your portfolio value shown by your broker is not the same as the one shown in the model 720 in the tax office.

How is the broker's cash/balance declared?

If you wish to declare cash/broker's balance, you have to do so if it exceeds €50,000. Remember that it is a separate block from listed shares/securities, so it is counted separately.

In the instructions explains how.

Are test portfolio extracts available from any brokers?

Below you can download trial portfolios for use in the DEMO version.


If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact us at. We will be happy to help you.