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Notice: Autodeclaro is not a consultancy, nor are we tax experts. We simply automate the profit and loss calculation based on the statements you provide from your broker.

We are not responsible for your use of the information described here. It is your responsibility to check the information or instructions given here with a tax advisor.

You are ultimately and solely responsible for your declaration. 

IMPORTANTBefore placing an order, please read the full product description below.

Note on DEMO version: The DEMO version only generates a semi-complete Income report including positions up to this year 2023, but withholding information.

It is highly recommended to order the DEMO version before the PREMIUM version to check that the report meets your expectations.

Auto-Rent (July - December): If you purchase the PREMIUM version between July and December, in order to estimate your profit and loss for this year, you will receive a 50% discount on the auto-rental contract for the next year 2024 for the 2023 tax year.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us at.

Can I use the 'Premium' version outside the income tax campaign?

Yes, you can use the 'Premium' version of Auto-Income if you wish to calculate your profit and loss for the year, together with the dividends accrued to date.

          In addition, you will benefit from the 50% discount on the 'premium' Auto-Rent contract next year 2024.


What is the difference between the 'Premium' and 'Golden' version?
  • Premium: It is the automation for the calculation of Profit and Loss together with dividends. The presentation is done by the client itself following the instructions.
  • Golden (Available until 25 June): The same as the Premium version, but through a tax consultancy, you file your full tax return. The tax advisor files your tax return directly with the tax authorities and sends you proof of filing. The Golden version includes:
    • Data review and presentation.
    • Income from employment.
    • Deduction for main residence / rent.
    • Income from movable capital.
    • Contributions to pension plans and other deductions.
    • Income from real estate capital (up to 2 rents).
    • Income from economic activity (self-employed).
    • Capital Gains and Losses (stock market sales).
    • Matched Betting Winnings.
    • Crowdlending yields: Mintos, Viainvest, among others.
    • Cryptocurrencies.
    • Additional services on request.

More details and list of fares: here.

Purpose of Auto-Renta

Generate your Profit and Loss (P&L) report following the FIFO system, Anticipation rule (2 months rule) and also Dividends and double taxation from the transaction statements of the following foreign brokers:

    • DeGiro
    • IBKR
    • Trading 212
    • Revolut
    • eToro
How to obtain the statement of foreign brokers?

See how to download your portfolio for DeGiro, IBKR, Trading 212, Revolut and eToro.  here.

What is the FIFO system in the taxation of shares?

One of the keys to declaring the sale and purchase of shares in the income tax is to the FIFO system. This method of accounting is key to calculating capital gains when taxing personal income tax on stock market gains.

FIFO is the acronym for First In, First Out and it is the method used by the Inland Revenue to determine the order in which your shares will be sold when calculating the capital gain or loss for personal income tax purposes.

In a nutshell, under the FIFO system, the shares you buy first are always sold first. In fact, its literal translation is "first in, first out".

What is the anticipation rule?
  • What is the advance rule (2 months)?
    • "La 2-month rule prevents you from offsetting stock exchange gains or losses that you have sold and repurchased.
    • For the anticipation rule, we have followed the rules explained in the binding answers. V2481-20, V0913-08, V3282-18  of the Treasury:
    • The look-ahead rule applies to equities, ETFs, funds and CFDs, but does not apply to derivatives (options and futures).
  • 2 months or 12 months?
    • "La advance rule would be 12 months instead of 2 months. si what you are selling and buying back are unlisted shares or shares traded on markets that are not regulated/assimilated by the EU.
    • They are markets assimilated by the EU and are therefore the 2-month rule applies: Australia (ASX Lim and Chi-X Australia), Hong Kong (SEHK) and USA (CBOE, NYSE, Nasdaq, etc.) as decided by the Commission. 2017/2318; 2017/2319; 2017/2320
      • According to the 2021 income handbook
      • ​​​​​​​We drew out this information:
        In the case of securities or units admitted to trading on any of the official secondary securities markets as defined in the Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 15 May 2014 (e.g. shares listed on the stock exchange, investment funds complying with the daily reporting obligations laid down in the CII regulations) where the taxpayer has acquired homogeneous values within the two months before or after such transfers
      • If you go to the IMPLEMENTING DECISION (EU) 2017/2320 (united states) on the equivalence of the United States legal and supervisory framework applicable to national securities markets and alternative trading systems, pursuant to the Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council ->…7D2320&from=EN
        At the end of the document you have all the US markets that are equivalent (the same for other markets as described below).
    • The anticipation rule would be 12 monthsif they are MAB securities: such as some SOCIMIs and SICAVs that are not listed on regulated or assimilated markets (as defined in the Directive 2004/39/EC)
    • More detailed and legal information can be found in the dividend hunters.
    • If you need the report with the 12-month rule instead of 2 months, please request it. here.
Are test transaction statements available from any broker?

Below you can download the test transaction statement for use in the DEMO version.

Can I generate the Profit and Loss report for transaction statements from multiple brokers?

Yes, to do so, compress in .ZIP format the files of the brokers for which you want to obtain the P&L report.

When is the CSV file of transactions attached to generate the Profit and Loss report?

Before finalising the purchase you will have the possibility to attach the CSV file(s) with the statement of transactions and dividends to generate the P&L report.
Once the process is completed, you will receive your completed P&L report in PDF format.

What exchange rate is used for transactions whose currency is not the EURO?

The exchange rates used appear in the CSV statements of the brokers. IBKR, DeGiro, Revolut and Trading 212.

However, if your IBKR account is or was in a non-EURO base currency, the exchange rates are based on that base currency. (CSVs have to be adjusted). In this case Autodeclaro selects the exchange rate set by the ECB (European Central Bank)

For other brokers who do not provide them, the brokers selected would be those marked by the ECB (European Central Bank) according to the date on which the transaction or receipt of the dividend took place.

Do dividends appear in the profit and loss report?

Yes, you must provide the CSV where the dividends of the broker you are using appear.  More information on how to obtain the extracts.

Have you transferred positions from another broker to IBKR?

In this case, we have been told that they do not appear in the IBKR report, so it should be borne in mind that the information on these positions may be incomplete. We do not know if the same situation occurs in DeGiro.

(Update 18 May 2023) IBKR's instructions have been updated so that transfers from another broker to IBKR appear on the statement.

How is the gain or loss calculated when a sale occurs in DeGiro or IBKR?

Purchases that are not in Euro currency will be converted to Euros at the exchange rate indicated at the time of the transaction. The same applies to sales, if they are not in Euro, they will be converted to Euros.

The difference of the euro value of the number of shares sold minus the euro value of the number of shares bought will result in the gain or loss.

In IBKR, the profit and loss of IBKR's transaction report does not match the one generated by Autodeclaro.

This IBKR trade report calculates the profit or loss in the currency of the security. It then converts the profit or loss to Euros if necessary. This is why the numbers in non-Euro currency may not add up.

At DeGiro, the profit and loss of DeGiro's annual report does not match the profit and loss generated by Autodeclaro (PART1).

This happens for those positions whose currency is not the Euro. In the CSV extract you provide, there is detailed information on the transactions that took place at the time, including their value in Euros when the currency of the transaction is different.

However, in DeGiro's report, this information is calculated using the end-of-day exchange rate, hence the data in DeGiro's annual report is not entirely correct.

This information is explained on the first page of DeGiro's annual report.

ofGiro typeChange

Is the AutoFx commission included in DeGiro (automatic currency exchange)?

The automatic currency exchange (AutoFx), is a fee charged by DeGiro, which is

    • 0.1% for transactions before 20 December 2021.
    • 0.25% for transactions then 20 December 2021.

This AutoFX commission is not covered in the CSV of transactions, so that at Autodeclaro, we account for this commission in the Profit and Loss Report. whether there was a currency conversion in the purchase/sale. This is shown on the 'statement of account' so that it is very important to provide the full 'statement of account' (DeGiro dividends section

Why does Autodeclaro's report not match DeGiro's annual report (PART2)?

You can see it in this interesting Youtube Short by Santiago Trigo

I also show graphically how a simple purchase and sale of shares produces an imbalance in the DeGiro report.

    • Step 1: Calculation of the total of the purchase and sale of "Enbridge", having added the AutoFx commission in respect of the field "Value (Column L)" and added and subtracted the commission to the "Total (Column Q)" of the purchase and sale respectively.
    • Step 2: Comparison with the transactions on the DeGiro portal (it can be seen that it is in line with step 1 and generates a result of 6.68€.)
    • Step 3: Summary of gain/loss on sale of Enbridge (result 7.01€)
    • Step 4: Result of the gain/loss on the Autodeclaro report (result of 6.68€)

DeGiro debit balance

If you have any questions or doubts that have not been answered previously

You can comment on any questions or suggestions in the section contact us.