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Tax Form Modelo 210:
Spanish non-resident property taxes

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Auto 210 expedites the completion of Form 210 online for non-residents so automatic and 100% online.

Online web tool. Automated process.

Income Tax for Non Residents valid for non residents. Physical and legal people.

Tax knowledge not needed.

We will send you by email your Form 210 filled and submitted to the Tax Agency.

Compatible with the latest version of the Agencia Tributaria AEAT and provincial estates of the Basque Country and Navarra.

Form 210 "Income Tax for Non Residents valid for non residents" without mandatory permanent establishment.

form 210 AEAT

What is the AEAT Form 210 for?

The AEAT Form 210 is a document intended for non-resident persons (IRNR). in Spain, but who must file their tax return in Spain if there are profits obtained from income such as the sale or rental of real estate located in Spain.

What is the deadline for filing form 210?

Depending on the type of rent, the deadline for filing form 210 may vary significantly. In particular, we find:

  • For income deriving from the transfer of immovable propertyThe time limit is three months after one month has elapsed since the transfer of the immovable property.
  • In the case of imputed income from urban propertyForm 210 must be filed in the calendar year following the date of accrual (31 December of each year). If this is done electronically, it is possible to pay the tax debt by direct debit from 1 January to 23 December.

Knowing when to file the 210 form, you just need to be clear about what type of income you need to declare and, once you have done so, leave it in our hands with Auto 210.

How does it work? Instructions model 210


Fill out the template

Fill out the template Excel (English version template Excel) with the necessary data to complete form 210.

Easy to complete, step by step and with examples.

Valid for the imputed income if the home was not rented as well as the income obtained from the rental.


Place your order

Purchase your 210 form. through the purchasing process Auto-210.

When you receive the confirmation email, attach the template excel previously completed, with all the necessary data to submit Form 210.


We submit your 210 form

The presentation of the Modelo 210 will be carried out by the Tax Advisory «La Nube Fiscal», collaborator of the Spanish Tax Agency. You can find more information in their web.

You will have the opportunity to confirm that all the information is correct before submitting your 210 form..

The 210 form that has been submitted to the Spanish Tax Agency is also sent to the email address you provided.

We remind you that throughout the process your personal data (name, surname, NIF, etc.) will remain under the custody of us. nor will they be shared with third parties. It will only be done with "La Nube Fiscal", our tax attorney and partner of Autodeclaro who will be the one to present your form 210 to the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria/Hacienda).

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Frequent questions

What is Auto 210?
Auto 210 is a web service that completes and presents the Model 210 online, safely and quickly.
When am I required to present Form 210?
If you are not a tax resident in Spain and you also fulfil some of these options:
1. If you receive income from employment.
2. If you are the owner of a home and receive rental income.
3. If you own a property and you do not rent it.
4. You sell the house and have received a profit.
How do I know if I am a tax resident in Spain or not?
As a general rule, if you spend less than 183 days in Spain, you would not be a tax resident in Spain.
When is Model 210 completed?
If the property has not been rentedIf you are going to declare the imputed income of your property for the year 2022. If you are going to declare the imputed income of your property for the year 2022, you file in 2023 before 31 December, it would be an annual rate.
On the other hand, if your property has been rented Form 210 is submitted quarterly during the first 20 days of the following month (April, July, October and January).
What are the penalties for Form 210?
The surcharges for filing Form 210 late without prior request by the Administration will be 5% if the delay is three (3) months; 10%, six (6) months; 15% up to twelve (12) months; and 20% plus interest if it is more than twelve (12) months.

In the event that it is the Administration that claims it from you, the penalties will be approximately one hundred and seventy-five euros (175 €) if the result of the declaration is zero and between 50% and 100% of the unpaid tax.

How long does it take to submit Form 210 to the AEAT after purchasing it on the Autodeclaro website?
Form 210 is presented to the Tax Agency by our partner "La nubel fiscal" in the next 48 business hours.
What templates or input files can I use to generate Model 210?
You can generate model 210 from the Excel template or Excel template in English version that is offered.
I belong to the Navarra Treasury or the provincial estates of the Basque Country (Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa, Araba or Bizkaia). Do I have to present Form 210 to the Navarra Treasury/Foral Provincial Councils or to the Tax Agency?
On your Navarra Hacienda or the Basque Country's Hacienda, depending on where your property is located.
Who makes the electronic presentation of the Model 210 generated by “Auto 210”?
The tax consultancy “La nube fiscal”. He is a collaborator of the AEAT. You can visit its website: for more information.
What are the accepted payment methods?
Visa, MasterCard and American Express through Stripe. Stripe is also used as a payment method by Google, Amazon,, Uber and many others.
What is the return policy?
We do not offer a return policy once the 210 model has been generated and presented.
However, if there are errors in the completion, incomplete or corrupt information from the files provided, rectification or refund may be requested.
How much does it cost?
You can see the price here
Is Autodeclaro compatible with Mac?
It is compatible with Mac since it does not require installing any program. You can generate form 210 from any internet browser.


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