We are concerned about your anonymity.

Our commitment is to your safety, everything we do is based on it.

No personal data

Autodeclaro.es does not know your personal details, it only needs an email address to send you the completed form/form.

The brokers' or exchanges' statements that you provide NO contain name, surname, ID card number or any other personal data.

Appropriate use of information

The information you provide is only used to fill in the forms.

Your financial data NO are shared, sold or used for commercial purposes or for third parties.

Protection of information

Encryption during transmission.

Security firewalls.

We do NOT present the models without your consent

Only you manage the submission of the models.

But if you need it, we are a social collaborator of the AEAT.

We do not request any password, permission or personal certificate from you to submit the models on your behalf.

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