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Hunting dividends since 2014 in search of financial independence. Possibly the largest DGI community in Spanish-speaking countries".

Living without working since 2016. Financial freedom, investment and travel.

"Fundamental Analysis : Companies with Growing and Sustainable Dividends : Financial Information : Dividends : DGI Investment".

"Financial communicator, Youtuber and investor. "

"Portal de Francisco Javier Lodeiro Amado. Make your savings safely profitable over the long term by investing in the stock market and value investing". Forum Forum

Probably the last bastion of investment elegance and education. Investing and thriving as a way of life. Always striving for excellence. Forum Forum

Created in 2007 by Gregorio Hernández Jiménez, it is dedicated to stock market investment, mainly long-term, and wealth management, financial education, etc.".

"Essays and theses on investing in companies with growing dividends."

"Pablo Nogales has a youtube channel with the main objective of helping people to better manage their relationship with money".

"Detailed analysis of 10,000+ companies from around the world. Find companies that fit your strategy with our customisable ratings and valuation models."

Jlorenzotrading is the training school in the world of financial markets of Javier Lorenzo, Portfolio Manager at GPM".

Family father, private investor and content creator 👉 I publish videos about DeGiro broker and stock market taxation.

"Stock market training website with seminars, strategies and statistically tested portfolios".

"I believe that the stock market is the best way to make your money work for you. In my blog I show you how anyone can take control of their finances and make money by investing".

Stock market community, we buy dips in good trends, come and blow up the indices.

Buy financial freedom, time and peace of mind by consciously managing your money and investing in the stock market.

"The only website specialised in OTC Markets in Spanish, where we look for the best Pennys Stocks in the USA".

"Investment in sectors such as Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, DeFi, Staking,
Farming, Metaverses, Play to Earn and NFTs".

"Blog about personal finance and stock market investment".

"Financial education for young... and old. Savings and investment through shares, value funds, index funds and financial options".

"Everything for saving and investing: Accounts and Deposits, Investment Funds, Robo advisors, Brokers and Resources".


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